Continental Croatia meets the Adriatic in Istria, the heart-shaped peninsula just south of Trieste in Italy. The charming hinterland rolling hills and colourful plains attract descerning visitors to Istria’s hilltop villages and farmhouse restaurants, while the lush indented shores are very popular with the sun-and-sea lovers. Istria offers a wide range of facilities and activities, a crystal clear blue sea and a myriad of secluded spots.

About one third of the Istrian territory is forested and the rest is carpeted with vineyards, olive trees, pastures and orchards. The rolling hills are topped with walled hill villages that offer sweeping views of the countryside. No wonder travel writers can't decide whether Istria is the "new Tuscany" or the "new Provence"!

North-western Istria: gourmet paradise! In addition to its mild, sunny climate and laid-back lifestyle, Istria's devotion to fine eating bewitches visitors. Istrian cuisine offers some of the best dining in Croatia starring fresh seafood, prime white truffles, wild asparagus, top-rated olive oils and award-winning wines. Couple this with Roman ruins, striking hill towns, and pastel coastal villages with a breezy Italian culture, Istria is a delight.

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