A small harbour in the bay, a lighthouse, a church and a couple of restaurants compose the old Savudrija, a haven of peace and simple charm. Nowadays, in addition to its old core, Savudrija encompasses a couple of surrounding settlements and villages.

The whole zone is nested peacefully in some of the greenest and best-forested countryside in Istria among the pines, vineyards, olive groves and the fields of rich red soil. Savudrija's rocky shore with numerous bays and coves is composed of stone slabs descending into the sea with some pebble parts. Most of the beaches are immersed in lush Mediterranean shrubs and pine trees that provide plenty of shade. One of the most popular beaches is located 30 meter from the Savudrija lighthouse.

Savudrija's landmark, the lighthouse, was built at the northwestern tip of the cape Donja Savudrija in 1818, which makes it the third oldest lighthouse on the eastern Adriatic coast. This was the first gas-powered lighthouse in the world deriving its light from coal distillation (1828). Its 29 m high tower with lights visible at a distance off of 30 miles can be visited and offers gorgeous views of the riviera and Savudrija bay.

Savudrija also offers a wide range of activities, among which windsurfing, diving, cycling, hiking, golf, tennis and hunting.

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